Importance Of Casting Your Vote

Most of the countries in the world are democratic countries. This means that the citizens of these countries have the right to choose their own leaders and people who will represent them and form the government. The process of selecting the representatives of the people to form a government is called elections. These representatives belong to different political parties. The party that is elected to form the government is called the ruling party and the other parties are called the opposition. When we elect a particular individual as our representative we are symbolizing the faith that we have instilled in our representative to help us come out of the problems or situations based in the society.

A month or two months before the elections begin; these representatives start their election campaign. An election campaign refers to a process of holding mass meeting in order to interact with the electors and convince them on why they should elect this particular candidate. It also involves familiarizing the people with the symbol for that particular political party or the individual candidate. There are several promises made during the election campaign. Issues of unemployment, difference in socio economic status etc are addressed.

It is important that every individual who is above 18 years of age should cast their vote. Casting your vote for the right candidate will help in forming a strong and reliable government. People do not understand the importance of their vote. Many people say that a single vote doesn’t make a difference, however if everyone thinks alike then it will make a difference. Always vote for the individual not for the political party after all you need elect your representative not your party.

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